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Memorial Red Rose

Ensuring the graves and memorials of loved ones are tended, cared for

and cherished from wherever in the world you are.



Our aim is to provide all year round help and support with the upkeep and maintenance care of your loved ones resting place, in a dignified manner that they deserve.

As we have found, with the demand of our busy lifestyles, it can often make it difficult, or near impossible, for us to attend our loved ones resting place as often as we would like. If you are finding it difficult to attend your loved ones resting place, but would be comforted in knowing that it is cared for while personally unable to attend, then we are the service for you. We provide a full range of personal grave care services, including floral deliveries and a masonry maintenance service to people of all faiths and beliefs. Don't let your loved ones be forgotten, the lack of grave maintenance is totally preventable.

Before you decide to use any of our services or purchase any of our products, please contact your local funeral directors and stonemasons. You also have more choice than ever before now with the internet, this has made it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. It's free to ask questions and quotations are also free, please don't be rushed into purchasing anything that you're not 100% happy with.

You have choices and the choice is yours!

For more details on the Services and products we have to offer please contact us on 07957 505468

or click below and fill out our contact page


For many of us a burial place and headstone is the most enduring physical

evidence of the existence of the people we have loved, yet few of us are

able to make arrangements for these graves to be tended and maintained in our absence.

Whether that absence is for geographical or mobility reasons, or even

our own eventual passing, it is a great comfort to know that a loved

one or your own grave is being maintained for as long as you desire.

Headstone B.jpg


We do a unique number of visits to suit personal reqiurments. We can even lay flowers and messages on important anniversaries you would like to mark.

Whether you now live abroad, or have moved to the other end of the United Kingdom or simply are no longer able to visit a loved one’s grave, Guardian Angels Touch has a solution for you.


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