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Do you need to arrange for a headstone or memorial and are not sure where to start? The information outlined below aims to provide a simple, basic guide to assist you.

Cemetery Regulations

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a headstone or memorial is the cemeteries regulations. Cemeteries regulate the headstones and memorials placed on graves within their grounds. Cemetery Rules and Regulations, as they are known, outline certain requirements such as size, material, and type of memorial.

Before you order a headstone or memorial for your loved one, you should check the requirements of the cemetery where your loved one was interred. They can, and are known to, refuse any headstone that does not meet their requirements. Check all their regulations carefully to make sure you know exactly what IS and ISN'T permitted before consulting your memorial supplier.

Our reputable & established masonry suppliers will be fully familiar with the requirements of local cemeteries, so please ask for advice.

How Soon Can A Headstone or Memorial Be Sited on A Grave?

The cemetery should allow the fitting of the memorial at around 12 months after the burial, to allow for any ground settlement.

Cemetery Permit

All cemeteries require a permit to erect new memorials or to do additional work to an existing memorial, this fee varies on which cemetery the permit is required. I would advise you to ask the cemetery their fees and when they expect to be putting their prices up, this will allow you to calculate the cost accurately if working to a budget.

We will help you to complete the cemetery permit and answer any questions regarding its completion.

Types of Monument Suppliers

Headstones and memorials are expansive, but the number of suppliers is large. Therefore, you need to find what you require and get as many quotations as you can, make sure you know what you are getting for your money and make sure you only sign the cemetery permit form once you are fully satisfied with the inscription and layout. Once the cemetery permit is signed no alterations can be made, unless a new permit is applied for.

Please note. The grave owner needs to sign the permit for any work to commence. If the grave owner is the deceased, then please call the cemetery office to find out what is required regarding the permit application.

Choosing A Headstone or Memorial

Choosing a headstone or memorial for a loved one can be a difficult task. What type of memorial is appropriate? Once you know the cemetery regulations, this will help you to make your decision. Many memorials not only display the name and dates of the deceased, but also display some befitting symbolism or photograph. You may be called upon to make a decision about what is most appropriate for your loved one. It may be that you choose something that reflects an important aspect of their life or interests, something they are remembered for. Or you may just choose one of the many common symbolic themes such as angels, doves, candle, cross, lilies, palms at prayer, etc.

Most communally you can choose from granite or marble as the material from which a headstone or memorial is manufactured. If a headstone is required for a church yard then the requirement may be, sandstone, Nabresina or other light-coloured stone.


Material Choice

Granite is a very hard stone and will last for years, it's also available in a verity of colours.

Marble is a soft stone that will require professional cleaning at some point, same as most light coloured headstones required by church yards.

Inscription Type

Most granite headstones and memorials have gold or silver lettering, the gold is 23.5ct gold leaf and silver lettering been white gold leaf. For lighter coloured granite painted black lettering may be more visible, we will be able to advise you regarding this.

Marble is usually lead filled or painted black, don't mistake lead lettering as shaped letters stuck into the memorial. The letters are cut into the stone and small holes are then drilled into the cut letter, lead strip or wire is then hammered into the carved letter. Once completed the face is sanded off to leave a neat and smooth surface.

Repairs to marble leaded lettering can be expensive, this is because all the old letters need to be fully removed. The letters are then re-cut and re-leaded, you should consider this when purchasing any marble memorial.

Selecting Your Memorials Inscription

Once you have decided upon the type of headstone and the design and symbolism, you will need to think carefully about what you wish to be carved or written as an epitaph on the grave marker. It is common to have the full name and dates of birth and death. What else is added is down to personal choice of the family, and just how personalised you wish the headstone to be. It is wise to carefully plan this out, we will help you with this as part of our service.

Other Accessories for Your Memorial

Adding a plaque or sculpture can enhance a monument, photograph plaques have becoming more popular around the UK. Many people also chose to add a vase to their headstone or memorial in order that there is a permanent feature for floral tributes.

For more details please contact us by email


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